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Australia: vibrant cities, sunny beaches, incredible wildlife. All of this you could see you on your future travels, but how?! With an Oz Experience of course; an easy to use bus pass with amazing experiences included throughout each of its routes. But if you still want to know more, let us answer some of your questions…

What is Ox Experience?

Oz Experience is the ultimate way to travel to Australia. It offers flexible travel packages to make your own unique Aussie experience, but don’t worry, it includes a selection of essential highlights that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. With unlimited use of the extensive Greyhound bus network, you’ll be able to travel up and down Australia, going back and forth on yourself as you please. Not only do you get the use of this wide-ranging bus network, you also can get some incredible experiences in your package, from Surf and Stays in Byron Bay to Great Barrier Reef cruises.

Why travel around Australia with Oz Experience?

YOU’LL SAVE MONEY: One of the best things about Oz experience is that because you’re buying one ultimate pass, you get to save money on the experiences instead of worrying about expensive prices of booking these activities when you’re out there, which means you can save some more of that hard-earned cash for other stuff…namely beer (don’t worry they don’t actually have Fosters in Australia).

STRESS-FREE: You might think that because it’s so flexible it would be all very independent, but don’t worry, if you ever need a hand with changing your tour around or help in planning your trip then Oz experience’s reservations team are there for that. And if you need more time it’s so easy to get an extension on your package.

NON – STOP BUSES: One of the best things about these Oz Experience packages is the incredible bus network that is available and the complete flexibility you have on the route itself. There’s NO limit on how many buses you can take and with multiple daily departures from over 250+ locations, you can travel to your heart’s content.

So to sum it up: Good prices and stress-free!

Why travel around Australia by bus?

First of all, it means you can have that extra drink that your new best mate has bought you and just sleep it off on the bus. Of course, there are more benefits than just being able to get more drunk! Taking the bus means it takes the stress out of the travel, you don’t have to worry about dodging kangaroos on Aussie roads. On top of all of this, there are so many people using to the Greyhound bus network for you to meet and enjoy that extra beer with.

Where can you go?

With the flexibility of the travel, you can go where you want to go! But different packages offer different routes to travel along depending on your time and budget. From routes all the way between Melbourne to Cairns, you’ll be able to find the one perfect for you.

Check out all the routes below:

Oz Experience Packages 

AND finally why AUSTRALIA?

If you’ve made it here you probably already know a lot about this awesome country, but let me reiterate why you should be going to Australia. The country has so much to offer, from the edgy streets of Melbourne to the breathtaking sea life of the Great Barrier Reef. Not only does it have so much to offer but there will be so many like-minded travelers to meet that make a trip an experience to remember. And this is made so much easier by doing this all through Oz Experience, leaving the stress the behind, giving you plenty of time to enjoy yourself!

Need more reasons? Check out our full Australia destination guide.

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