Editor Picks : Top 10 Snacks Below RM 10 In MyTOWN Shopping Centre

It is always fun to grab and go bites when you shop in malls. Some says mall food is pretty expensive but we have to tell you where to get RM 10 and lesser bites in a mall. MyTOWN brings you with a variety of outlet from premium to cheap solution that will definite won’t hurt your pocket when you shop there. Here we are 10 outlets to have your meal

1) Tuk Tuk Cha

Tuk Tuk Cha offers you with plentiful of choices of meal which is simply affordable. One of the recommended item here is of course the cha (tea) as well the Golden Toast which ranges from RM 7.90 to RM 8.50. Enjoy the bread covered  in planta and then it is dipped fried till perfection. Have them with different topping such as kaya, milo and others.

TIPS: IKEA Family card entitled for “Buy 1 Free 1” Cha.

2) I Love Yoo!

Famed for their yao tiao and porridge, you can have a quick bites and a warm porridge here. Sit down and enjoy this popular breakfast here where a bowl of porridge with yao tiao just RM 5.60 only.

3) Under Big Tree

The famous Klang style yong tau foo where they are freshly made per order. Price from RM 2 each per yong tau fu ; or now they have the opening promotion of YTF with cheong fan, curry mee and a drink only at RM 8.50. This delicious local favourites is pretty affordable for a light bite or even a quick lunch

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