Editor Picks: Ten Must Buy Mooncake for 2017 Mid Autumn Festival

There are more and more mooncakes in town and most of us are being pampered with the creativity from the brands in town either by their mooencake choices or even their packaging. With more and more choices; we are tempted to try as much as we can and this year,we had tried over 20 mooncakes variety

1. Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur
One of the best mooncake every year without disappointment, Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur is one of the top mooncakes that I had ever tried. The mooncakes in Shangri-La is not those creative flavours but they sticked to the traditional.
Price Range: 20 onwards to RM 33 (for each  mooncake)
Recommended Flavours:  
✔️Black Sesame Seed Paste Single Yolk
✔️Assorted Nuts & Sun Dried Fruits
✔️Mini Golden Ping Pei Musang King Durian
✔️Ping Pei Custard with Bird’s Nest

2. Hilton Kuala Lumpur  
Classy packaging and beautiful awesome mooncake, Hilton Kuala Lumpur offers you this year with the magnificent packaging where they have their black classy look of the box. The beautiful box which comes with the elegant presentation. Mooncakes wise, they had never disappointed us this year.
Price Range:RM 35  onwards to RM 60  (for each  mooncake)
Recommended Flavours:  
✔️ Snowskin Heavenly Gold
✔️Skin Roselle Ruby
✔️ Snow Skin Blue Moon

3. Intercontinental Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Intercontinental Hotel this year surprise us with their delectable baked snow skin mooncake which makes an eye opening to their mooncakes. Their mooncakes is packaged with the beautiful boxes and delightful mooncake.
Price Range: RM 28  onwards to RM 42  (for each  mooncake)
Recommended Flavours:  
✔️Scarlete Baked Snow Skin with Pandan and Salted Bean Paste
✔️Snow Skin with Pure Durian and Salted Caramel Chocoalte
✔️Bamboo Charcoal with Assorted Nut Paste

4.  Grand Imperial Restaurant
Not about fancy about their boxes but their mooncakes will definite to surprise you. Enjoy the marvellous mooncake which is made from their kitchen. The mooncake variety is not much but they have good choices and a must to go for.
Price Range: RM 21  onwards to RM 29  (for each  mooncake)
Recommended Flavours:  
✔️Almond with Sesame White Lotus Paste (RM 22.80)
✔️Assorted Fruits Nuts with Chicken Bites (RM 22.80)
✔️Bamboo Charcoal with White Lotus Tiramisu (RM 22.80)
✔️ Low Sugar White Lotus Paste (RM 21.80)

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