Editor Picks : 5 Mouthwatering Have Snacks in Petaling Street

Jom makan at Petaling Street! Petaling Street is one of the place not just famous for their history, and even shopping but they have loads of hidden food places here. In Petaling Street, one can actually find loads of stalls which had been over 10 years and famous with the locals as well. 

Chee Cheong Fan
Just in front of Kwai Chai Hong, you can savour the 20 years history chee cheong fan stall here. The seller had been selling the chee cheong fan here for a long time and their chee cheong fan comes simply smooth. Add some ingridients such as fish balls and all to your chee cheong fan too.

Kim Soya Bean 
Kim Soya Bean is one of the signature here. The stall located in Petaling Street  which brings you with the velvety tau fu fah is deliciously good. This tau fu fah stall is being loved by our 4th & 7th Prime Minister – Tun Mahathir. The soft and velvety tau fu fah topped with the choice of white or brown sugar is something must try when you are visiting Petaling Street.

Air Mata Kuching 
Grab this delicious delight which definitely a must to have here. Just opposite the Kim Soya Bean, the store brings you with the soothing and yet ice longan with the lo han kuo in it. Just perfect for the hot day in Malaysia.

Bun Chun Egg Tart
Being one of the best egg tarts in KL, Bun Chun Egg Tart is something not to be missed here. And one of the highlights about their egg tarts is there have few different flavours together and they are baked with lard. This had made the egg tarts taste much better and delicious too. They also comes with wide choices of flavours that definitely makes the egg tarts more addictive too.

Madam Tang Muah Chee
Madam Tang’s Muah Chee is one of the famous one here. For those who do not know what is Ma Zhi, it is actually the steamed blended glutinous rice mixed with pounded peanuts, sesame and sugar. And what’s so unique about the Muah Chee here is where they comes with different flavours. So besides the original flavor, she also came up with not one, not two, but more than a dozen of other flavours. These include mango, lychee, dragon fruit, pandan, green tea, almond, lemon and etc. However, there are only a couple of them available each day. So, see your luck which is the one you will get.

So why not have your food hunt and go for some Instagram-friendly Kwai Chai Hong for your photography

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