5 Reasons to Go to Brazil Now

When we lay awake at night and wonder how we survive the busyness of city life, faraway lands tend to seep into our fantasies. Those that require flip-flops and sunglasses and perhaps even the odd spray of sun lotion. Such dreams. That’s why we lost our cool over Brazil removing their Visa restrictions for the US because it means we no longer have to fantasize about that faraway land – we can actually pack up my suitcase (or six) and fly out! Join us?
Here’s the rundown of exactly where you should be packing for (with a maximum of 90 days in mind…):

Rio de Janeiro

It would be silly not to put Rio de Janeiro as the first port of call. After all, it’s home to the world-famous Christ the Redeemer statue and hosts the carnival of color every year that attracts thousands upon thousands of festival-goers. Located in the south-eastern coast of Brazil, it has taste-bud tingling Brazilian food markets ready to knock your street-food socks off and those all-important Instagrammable beaches that will have you hash-tagging #lovinglife all the way to the bar. Caipirinhas anyone?


São Paulo

The city of Sao Paulo is as sexy as its name suggests. Oozing with enviable chicness, its cosmopolitan style of living is a completely other shade of Brazil than Rio. It’s the perfect destination if you’re wanting to shop designer outlets and quaint independent boutiques specializing in unique Brazilian attire (and really, who doesn’t want to be doing that right now?). If you’re more of a self-confessed culture vulture, Sao Paulo will greet you with open arms and more than 110(!) museums. We’re not sure if there’s enough battery on an iPhone to capture all of that…


Iguassu Falls

If you’re working Dolly Parton’s dreaded 9-5 shift in the office and looking for an idyllic source of escapism then you’ve just uncovered a pearl in the oyster. Iguassu Falls homes 275 waterfalls and is arguably one of the most picturesque places in South America.

Located on the border of Brazil and Argentina, there’s an airport on each side within five miles of the falls. Most flights require a stop in Rio de Janeiro or Buenos Aires, so it’s the perfect segment of an extended trip in Latin America – we’re on our way already…


The Amazon

When we were younger (youth seems to leave quicker than a Eurostar from London to Paris), the Amazon seemed like this deeply exotic place that forbade mankind to step inside. It was a secret we couldn’t personally uncover and could only learn about from aerial images on a science documentary.

However, now, we can get our hiking boots on (or your converses if you dare), and head into the home of over 10 million species of plants and animals.

Because the Amazon spreads across 7 Latin American countries, there’s several entry points to see this magnificent jungle, also referred to as “the lungs of the earth” (imagine being granted that responsibility!). We recommend trying our Amazon Riverboat Adventure to take you on a journey through the deepest depths of the world’s largest rainforest, showcasing the sheer magic that nature has to offer.



It’s a common misconception that Brazil’s capital city is Rio de Janeiro – if we’ve just blown your mind, you’re welcome. Its capital city is, in fact, the very aptly-named Brasilia and one that should definitely be on your ever-extending bucket list. Why? Because it transports you into a futuristic world with its utopian design and avant-garde feels.  Now those pesky visa limitations have been lifted, you can discover this very special side of Brazil with complete ease. Must see highlights include the Catedral Metropolitana, Memorial dos Povos Indigenas, the Botanical Garden and Santuario Dom Bosco.


Samba your way down to this extra-ordinary Latin American country and check out our cheap flights to Brazil Want to learn more? Check out our comprehensive travel guide to Brazil here.

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